Monday, 21 July 2014

A Poem For Joey

                                     This is a thank you to all the thoroughbreds in all the world.                  

                                                      A Poem For Joey
                                              Full of grace and kind of eye,
                                              You'd stop to look as he went by,
                                              Gentle with those girls of ours,
                                              Who sat astride him midst the flowers.
                                              To be sure I must tell true,
                                              And give the picture whole to you,
                                              Joey wasn't quite a saint,
                                              Though there's little room for complaint.
                                              He'd never bite or kick or buck,
                                              But did enjoy a crafty suck,
                                              Upon a rail, a post or gate,
                                              'Specially when his tea was late.
                                              He'd sometimes knock a rail (or two),
                                              Transitions didn't come quite true,
                                              He'd been known to trip on  grass,
                                             And never mastered the half pass.
                                             But power on, pick up the pace,
                                             Trigger memories of the race,
                                             Horse and rider fused as one,
                                             Is how he's remembered now he's gone.
                                            Some say, "He's just a horse you know!"
                                            They obviously never knew - Our Joe.


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  2. Hi Emilio, it's great to meet you. What a lovely request. I will be delighted to post you a letter. I hope one day you can follow your imagination to some of the stamps you have collected. Best wishes, Jenny.

  3. Replies
    1. Hi Dolorah, glad you liked it. Our Joey was a very special boy!