Saturday, 28 September 2013

A Quick Word

Hi and welcome to my blog. There are so many great blogs already, that I decided to start with a theme that everyone can relate to. Words!

So here's a word to curl your toes. Torture. This word probably conjures up different images for everyone.  For some it may be a medieval rack but for others it may be a low carb diet!

The Oxford Dictionary describes  Torture as the infliction of severe mental or physical pain as punishment or means of persuasion. Scary stuff!

Whilst cruelly incarcerated in the depths of Carrick Castle, Morven and Zest were victims of a dastardly blend of both physical and psychological torture.

And -  just as an interesting sideline -  the word torture is closely linked to the word labour. The French word trevail  is derived from the Latin trepalaire - meaning to torture or inflict suffering or agony.  So, if your work sucks, this could go a long way to explaining it! 
Words, words, words. I'm never sick of words!



  1. Hi Jenny!

    Welcome to the blogging world. With such a great post too! Words? If we do get tired of words then how would we read/or write?

  2. Hello Jenny. Lovely to see your blog today. Interesting topic. I'm writing a novella and my protagonist has just been thrown into a dark cell. Let the torture begin!

    Thank you for signing up for HAUNTING, the October blogfest for Write...Edit...Publish. It will be heaps of fun.


    1. Hi Denise, thanks for dropping by for a chat. Can you hear the chains clanking? I remember when I was a kid I lived in a house with a cellar. Scared me rigid!
      I am so looking forward to Haunting! All those ghosties and ghoulies and things that go BUMP in the night!

  3. Oooh! So intriguing! I've also signed up for the Haunted blogfest!

    1. That's great news Kelly. Bring your tricks and treats! Should be a blast!